Eugene McDermott Library,
The University of Texas at Dallas

The Eugene McDermott Library on The University of Texas at Dallas campus was originally constructed in 1975 and housed the campus computer center, and some campus administrative offices as well as the library facilities. As the University has developed and technology has changed the function of the library, the spaces in the library were in need of reallocation and redesign.

Booziotis and Company Architects was selected by the University to develop a Master Plan for the phased renovation of the Library and to provide programming, interior design and full architectural services. The project team included consultants for structural engineering, mechanical engineering, code analysis and cost analysis.

Phase One, the renovation of Level Two of the library included reorganization of the public spaces to better accommodate study areas for students. Circulation and information desks were reworked to provide easier access to students and better traffic flow.

Interior design services included selection of tables, chairs, and lounge seating as well as designing a new visual environment that included specialized tile floor patterns for the main areas. The auditorium on Level Two was redesigned with new seating as well as new floor and wall finishes.

Phase Two, the renovation of Level Four (due to start construction in March 2002) includes renovation and enclosure of balconies and the four-story main stair well to solve sound, HVAC, and space deficiencies as well as complete reorganization of the stack area to comply with accessability requirements and need for additional study areas. Also included in the project is the expansion, reconfiguration and redesign of the library administration suite and the suite utilized by the University for development activities and conferences.

Phase Three, the renovation of Level Three (planned for 2003) will include conversion of the existing computer center into new stack and special collections areas along with reorganization of the library support facilities areas. Level Three currently houses a nationally known aeronautical collection. The space for the collection will be expanded and reorganized.