J Erik Jonsson Central Research Library Renovation,
Dallas Public Library
Dallas, Texas

Phase One
Reorganization of the main floor to increase staff efficiency and visibility of the stack and service areas; new design and relocation of service desk; enclosure of the existing breeze way to increase available floor area and address security issues for after hours functions; renovation of the existing auditorium; design of new lighting; replacement of existing finishes.
Reorganization, expansion, refitting, and renovation of the Main Floor was completed in 1997. The Elizabethan period museum environment for the public display of William Shakespeare's First Folio was completed in 1998. Work on an additional phase, renovation, reorganization and refitting of the Eighth Floor, is just beginning. The physical evaluation of all the Dallas Library Facilities to establish a library system master plan was begun in 1999 as a consultant to the Hillier Group. Facilities Programming Services were provided for the construction projects.